Video: Kiddie Perms and Self Love

I am currently transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural. As a Black Woman who has been getting her hair chemically treated for the majority of her life this experience is proving to be the journey of personal journeys. There are often days were I need extra inspiration to keep my strength from wavering (especially when I leave my dormitory on Howard University's campus with straight hair and 30 minutes later I have a fro).   and the many resources available on the web serve as great inspiration.

As I shared above I hold the common experience with many women of color of having my hair chemically straightened. My mother began putting relaxers in my hair to straighten it before I was tall enough ride rides outside of the children's section of amusement parks. I remember how excited I would become when my mother came home with a yellow and pink box of  Just for Me  perm and I would stare with admiration at the girls with the silky smooth hair on the cover. The perms even came with a pink cassette tape with the companies catchy R&B style theme song. I would sing a long to the tape as my mother would mix up the white stuff and prepare to apply it to my hair.

As a 19 year-old woman I have since abandoned the excitement and enthusiasm of "perm day" and have traded my perm for pure olive oil and shea butter. I've received mixed reviews from family and friends (my friends generally love it, my family generally hates the idea) but I digress.

The web serves as a wonderful source of inspiration and information on the subject matter. Here is a clip from the Tyra Show featuring some young girls of color who have some commonly held beliefs and attitudes about nappy vs. straight, b.k.a (to most in society) ugly vs. pretty.

Whatever your preference it is important to teach self love and respect, and that we watch our personal insecurities around our youth. Love yourself and all that is of you as you continue on your personal journey, whatever it may be.

Peace, Power, and Love

Throwback: Next Lifetime

We feel you Badu, trust.

Peace, Power, and Love

To My Brothers

Dear Black Men,

I love you. Stay strong. I am always here for you. 

Peace, Power, and Love

Aight Sophomore Year, It's Been Real... Hello Part 3

Pronunciation: \ˌsäf-ˈmȯr-ik, -ˈmär- also ˌsȯf- or ˌsä-fə- or ˌsȯ-fə-\
Function: adjective

1 : conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature 
2. Exhibiting great immaturity and lack of judgment

sophomore slump: A period of developmental confusion and usually results from a student's struggle with becoming a competent college student, gaining the autonomy and independence they seek, developing their new identities as adult and college students, and finding their purpose in life

I'm sure it goes without saying that AY 2009-2010 was a hell of a doozee. I started a new major, found a boyfriend who was sure to be "the one" and lost him just as quickly, lived in two dormitories (my bike is still residing at the first, need to go pick that up), became a Honors Program dropout ( first and last Diddy moment, promise!), and survived SNOWtorious BIG.

Summer 2010 is coming to an end (I am already moved into my new dormitory on campus) so I decided to do a long over due reflection on my time reigning in Sophomore status and drop some of the most valuable lessons I learned during that time.

It may take loosing love in a person to find it in yourself. 

Don't risk loosing a precious gem you already posses while digging around for Fools Gold because that would make you, well foolish. 

By witnessing the way you treat yourself people learn how they should too treat you.

If attempting to date them, your male friends can be just as bad or worse than the guy you met at the club. 

Fighting for your Dreams

The only positive thing about witness a dream grow wings and fly swiftly out of my hands is the solace I am left with knowing it can use those same wings to come back to me. Dreams may not develop or come true when you want them to, but they never loose their way home. 

Patiently endure your troubles and pains. Have courage in the face of your greatest fear. You never know how close you really are to the finish line.

Often times the bi-products of pain can be pleasant. Bi-products that I gained while fighting for a dream are some of the greatest and most reliable friends I currently have. Something like sisters and brothers. 

You have to get used to everyone not liking you, and people being disappointed in you about things beyond your control. People had become disappointed in me because I couldn't be them, their minnie me's or fit the mold the created for me. I just can't, sorry. And I never will.  But I will do what is right, be kind and give of my love.

Never make anything your"God". This means worshipping it, obsessing over it, loosing yourself for it. Never make organizations, people, clubs, drugs, or anything else your "God".

Know what is truly for you, because most things are not. 
Pray that what is right for you comes, and for anything that is wrong for you to be immediately taken away.

People care about and have interest in you beyond what you are aware of. Those who you may count out as enemies may very well be a friend in disguise.

It is important to be critiqued. When your a generally nice person people try not be be real with you so they can save your feelings. But that's fake, and I don't do artificial relationships and interactions. I have learned to have so much respect for the people who actually told me I when I was screwing stuff up, and who told me that I needed to grow a pair. From this came progress and development. 

We have long left the Spring and are slowly dancing out of Summer but I want to use the Springtime symbolically.  Beyond the Christian faith and the Abrahamic story of Resurrection this  time stands as the time for rebirth. New flowers, trees, and energies. So in the symbolic spirit of "rebirth" I use the fruit of my experiences to build a woman a new. Use the past as the foundation on which to build your future upon. Sophomore year was rough, quite beyond the individuals in my inner most circle would know. Much of that was by the doing of my own hands, but the past is the resting egg of the future if used properly.

Be like the Sankofa bird, move forward while looking back for guidance and inspiration. Be progressive, unafraid of change, and loving of yourself and others. 

Peace, Power, and Love

Throwback: If I Ever Fall in Love

Have a great weekend ;)

Peace, Power, and Love

Afternoon Delight

Peace, Power, and Love

It's Been A While... Plus Models!

Still a passion, not so much a practiced hobby. i did the plus model thing a year or so back, but long nights of school work and orgs had me hang my heels up, never too late for a return though. Check these girls out:

Peace, Power, Sexiness and Love

Goodbye Income! I mean Internship!

This summer I spent my days working as an intern in the Interactive Department at the Travel Chanel Headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland. A both interesting and educational experience I must say. I got a chance to do some cool stuff including creating a company wide internship awareness initiative (Scripps Internship Awareness Initiative), messing around with the inner workings of the website, and working on some ideas for a Diversity/ Inclusion type deal for Travel Channel.

Travel Channel is owned by Scripps Networks a great company that also owns networks such as Food Network, HGTV, and The Cooking Channel b.k.a some of my faves! I wish the people at Food could have hooked me up with some groceries or some cookware for next year.

No I didn't get a chance to go to Cabo or Malaysia for my internship, but I did have a cool experience (and  gained some new shiny school supplies). Tomorrow my internship is coming to an end and I'll have to say adios for the summer.

Friday night I'm partying and doing the whole hotel thing for my sister's 21st birthday (two of my sisters share a birthday, weird right) and then Saturday I'll be in heaven, also know as the Badu/Common/ Chuck Brown/Janelle Monae/B.o.B concert. Incense will be on deck.

After the partying and skywalking at the concert I'll begin a week long trip to Wildwood, New Jersey... yeah yeah its the "Jersey Shore", I know.

Many of you may or may not know that I am a Jersey native and my family has been taking annual trips to the shore since I was about 3. Its like a reunion for my mothers small circle of family that in total numbers up to about twenty-five folks.
Me in Wildwood, N.J.
There are a lot of oiled up beefy folks that look at us like they have never seen a black person in the entirety of their lives, but we have a pretty good time beyond the blatant unfamiliarity with African-Americans and subtle racist looks and tensions.

I have a few more post for you all until then, but for now enjoy this video.

Peace, Power, and Love

Throwback: What's it Gonna Be? (Don't Let Go)

Peace, Power, and Love

Truth: Amir Sulaiman

"Even the beauty of birth bears its own scars"

Peace, Power, and Love

I need peace of mind

Peace, Power, and Love