The Yaminah Project

"By God's grace, all will be well"

The idea of Yaminah was born from my cranium on a cold weekend inside the dorm during the winter of my Sophomore year of college. The name Yaminah ties my Islamic roots and tradition to the unorthodox modern woman with crazy ideas, dreams and passion that is me.

Under the brand of Yaminah, meaning right/proper and blessed, I hope to bring all things that I believe to be fun, exciting, right and proper to life in this world. Through words I will inspire and motivate. Through service and the sharing information I will uplift, unite, and progress others and myself.

This is the tool for positive, progressive change. First for myself, then for the world (that's the way Michael Jackson said it should go anyway).  

Check the humble beginnings and take heed of the rise of all things Yaminah.

-Culture & Style-

Peace, Power, and most importantly my Love