To Thine Own Self

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man 

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616

Peace, Power, and Love 

World Spotlight: Women for Women International

I've decided to start highlighting those who are making strides to uplift others in our world. Its of great importance for our heroes to be recognized when there are so many villains at work.

Today The Yaminah World will highlight Women for Women International, a non profit organization that provides female survivors of war with the tools and resources to become self sufficient and successful.

Amazing work is being done. Check out their website for more information and to drop a donation.

Peace, Power, and Love

Ideas on Black Male-Female Relationships

Black men and women need to come together as a solid family unit. It is time to cool off, neutralize sexual impulses and build on our brother-sister relationship. Why? We do not know and understand each other well enough to build and maintain healthy positive relationships. 

Many of our Black women did not have positive Black male role models during their years of early maturation to help them structure a definition of what a man is, who he should be, how she should expect to be treated by him, and how she should treat him. Our women in turn do not know how to relate to, love, help develop, or find a positive Black man. Women without a father or positive Black male role model may come to see men through the eyes of her mother, sisters, aunties, sista friends and take on their sometimes undeveloped or tainted perspectives on love, relationships, and the Black man. 

This scenario is also common for our men in that there is no positive male influence present in their lives during the years of early maturation to teach them their role in relationships, how to choose a respectable woman, how to be a provider, and how to give of his love. They often uphold the women in their families as worthy and treat other women outside of their bloodlines in accordance to how society and our recent African American cultural standards teach them too; as trash receptacles for sperm, harsh words, abuse, liquor, drugs, and psychological issues.

What do you think of when you hear the words Black, Woman, Man, love, relationship, marriage? A great number of us need to redefine these terms in our personal lexicon, and as a whole in our communal lexicon. We have gotten used to, in many instances, associating the negative with these terms and have thus been living the reality that is our perception. Negative relations, high divorce rates, rape, abortion, low marriage rates, reciprocal disrespect, and unreciprocated love.

Stand together, be together as community. Engage in dialogue with Black Kings ladies, and Black men start open conversation with the Queens. Let your spirit flow and open your self up to your partners in the world, the Black man or woman. Define your reality and visualize the relationship you want to have with the other.

Do not attempt to put ownership on someone's spirit and emotions, but instead lend your ear and mind to better understand the two. 

Be selfless and relentless on the quest for Black Love. Black Love is as ancient as the world and humanity itself.

It generated riches, Kings and Queens. It bred warriors, scientist and prophets alike. It survived exploitation, trans-atlantic transportation, degradation, and economic gain of Europeans through the sale of our bodies. 

With our men in jail, women laying in clinics with their feet in the stirrups, and children being aborted at a quicker rate than people are getting married our community is in peril, great danger. This is danger beyond Willie Lynch, danger beyond the Klu Klux or Jim Crow. This is self inflicted genocide... and Black Love is the  remedy.

Peace, Power, and Love

Reflections on Life and Its Simplistic Sweetness

For What is L I F E?

What is the breeze drawing close to the curves of your face
 as you ride your your bike speeding down a hill?

What is the tree that cools your body with its branches outstretched
on a  sticky summer's day?

What is a hug from the breast of your mother
as your heart beats next to hers?

What is the sweet silence that plays so loudly
as one reaches for a new lover's hand?

For What is L I F E you ask?

Life is sugary, sweet and sour like the sauce

Life is boisterous 
and sheepish like a child

It is here
and it is also there...

and I have it

Peace Power, and Love

Video: I Love My Hair on Sesame Street

Check out this wonderful video clip from the classic television show Sesame Street featuring an African American puppet who loves her curly, brown hair.  Definitely  an esteem builder and barrier breaker for the children in our community. Often we are taught that because our hair is different from that of our European counterparts it is not as good or is ugly. This piece demonstrated the positive attitude all people should have toward their hair, body, and self identity.

Adorable right?

Peace, Power, and most importantly Love

Video: Who's Loving You?

Peace, Power, and Love