Balance, Or Nah?

What is this mysterious phenomenon that we all strive for? It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We work more to attain financial stability hoping that it will allow us to create more space in our lives. Space to do the things we love, invest more in our relationships, and focus in on personal growth. However, the opposite often occurs. We end up doing more to manage these high level lifestyles, and like Big Papa said "mo money, mo problems".

I often take on several projects at once while trying to be a student, lover, public servant, friend and relative. The constant juggling act is not exciting and creates a lifestyle that is unsustainable. When life gets this way I know its time to clear the activity clutter and create some space for balance.

The means to get to this end may vary, but we all know that balance between work and play is imperative to a healthy mind and spirit. It's how we superheroes refuel our magic. So whatever measure you must take to create an element of balance, do it today.

Three ways I find harmony:

  1. Listen to old school music or music from childhood. The nostalgia brings peace.
  2. Paint, cook, or do something creative.
  3. Catch up with friends or loved ones you haven't spoken with in a while. 

Be sure to protect your energy, the world needs you at your best!

Peace, Power, and Love